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KIM Keywording


KIM Keywording 2

Multilingual keywording and metadata processing.

If you cannot find an image, you cannot sell or use it.
Keywording is your key to success.

KIM Keywording contains all you need for the fast and consistent keywording of large amounts of images. You import images in JPEG format, read and write IPTC data to your photos, and can import (and merge!) as well as export metadata in a variety of formats.


- Extremely fast and consistent keywording
- Hierarchical Keyword Database
- Image database with powerfull database options (no filebrowsing)
- Keywording in up to 10 languages (depending on your version)
- Metadata-import (and writing back that information into your photos)
- Metadata-export (adjustable)
- Read and write IPTC fields (JPG)
- Extra fields for export
- Userinterface in English, German, Dutch
- Mac and Windows

Professional software for photographers and photoagencies, who need to process larger amounts of images consistently. Powerful software for professional keyworders.




 KIM Keywording 2.6, Mac

 KIM Keywording 2.6, Windows

KIM Keywording 2, Basic (1 language)     Buy    
199.00 CHF 189.00 EUR     Details    
KIM Keywording 2, Pro (10 languages)     Buy    
499.00 CHF 475.00 EUR     Details    
KIM Keywording 2, Crossgrade (Basic > Pro version)     Buy    
300.00 CHF 286.00 EUR     Details